Kitchen Experiments!

I keep running across intriguing recipes on some of my favorite blogs so I’ve been getting a little adventurous. The first is a kale/bacon/potato/cranberry dish over at Just Bento. It was SO easy and delicious - the cranberries are a wonderful sweet compliment to the kale and you just can’t go wrong with bacon.

The second came from a guest blogger on Design Sponge and is an olive oil bread (more of a cake!) and a delectable rosemary accented fruit accompaniment … mmmm! I know the olive oil sounds like it could go terribly wrong (even though I LOVE the stuff it even seemed strange to me) but it’s really amazing and the lightly sweet crust is perfect. We had it for dinner one night and then took it for breakfast Monday and Tuesday. My only comment is that my loaf took much longer than the recipe suggested. I made two mini loafs and they were done in 55 minutes but my big loaf took almost an additional half hour. Just keep sticking those toothpicks in until they come out clean!

It also encouraged me to buy a box of clementine oranges and I’ve been eating two of those a day all week (just a little bonus) :)